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OUR STORY - How we started

After having my son Caden, I quickly noticed that it wasn't easy to find great quality baby products that are both trendy, and functional.  Caden drooled excessively very early on and suffered horrible drool rash - and the fact that bibs are so close to his skin and mouth along with his serious rash led me searching hard for high quality bibs that are made with certified organic fabric.  It was hard!  That's when I had the desire to create a line of products for modern moms and babies with the best possible natural material - that's not only functional, but also trendy.

At Lil Dandelion, we are committed to create the highest quality product for our customers, ones that we would not hesitate to use for our own children.  We strive to make our customer as happy as possible.  Please let us know how we are doing, so we can continue grow and create products that will truly bring joy and comfort to you and your little ones.

With ❤,


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